series   Faux Colors Product Information
Color Finishes · 4 Standard Clear Color Finishes
· Color finishes can be applied to any glass products
· Color finishes on glass will be slightly different in color tone than a color applied to a paper chip

While color finishes are durable, glass color finishes do not adhere to glass as does wall paint to sheet rock. At Nathan Allan, we use special procedures that help to increase the adhesion effect of the color finish, to provide a long lasting durable finish. Even with these procedures, we strongly advise that the color finish is handled with care.

Maintenance Do not clean, if not dirty. If fingerprints or grease are visible, clean lightly with a soft cloth, using glass cleaners or warm water. Soft feather dusters are suitable for dusting.

Applying color finishes to deep textured kiln-formed glass is a difficult and non-perfect process. Varying shades may occur and is considered normal and acceptable. Color finishes appear best when the kiln-formed glass panels receive light from both sides, causing the color finish to illuminate.

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