Glass Connections. MaryAnn M is thrilled to see her ideas come to life in a new partnership with Nathan Allan. Having decades of experience in the luxury fashion world (and herself a fashion model), MaryAnn is no stranger to collaboration. Even so, working in an entirely different medium such as glass is something she savors, and seeing the finished product is “a great feeling to experience.”

She echoes this belief, saying that throughout the process she knew she would be heard and her ideas “brought to life”, which made the end result all the more rewarding for her. She relishes the thought of working on additional current and future partnership projects.

Glass Connections Info

Nathan Allan Glass Studios believes in the creative connections made through cooperative efforts and the resulting level of innovation that gets realized in bold, even revolutionary designs, for the A&D community.

Bringing a new creative perspective into the design process is an interdisciplinary spark that company owner and director Barry Allan firmly believes results in innovation:

“Collaboration is important because varied professional input inevitably increases the creative thought process.”

Story Credits | Digital storyteller: Margaret Doyle, Photo/Video: Dana Scobercia

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