Imagine giant honeycombs that appear to float like pillowy connected clouds far in the distance. As you get closer, their undulating shape takes on delicate yet bold angles and you realize the surface isn’t penetrable, soft or malleable at all — it is glass, only in an entirely new, and one-of-a-kind design incarnation.

Honeycomb Glass was created in collaboration by the world’s leading cast glass manufacturer, Nathan Allan Glass Studios and celebrated interior designer/fashion model MaryAnn M. As one of the latest innovative products in the company’s popular Convex Series, Honeycomb’s deep cells/pockets add airy strength, a first in the A&D industry.

Honeycomb Glass

Its concept creator, MaryAnn M, in alliance with Nathan Allan director Barry Allan, believes that the Honeycomb glass design will create a buzz of excitement on any art-related, design or architectural project:

“Honeycomb glass is a unique, exclusive, hand-crafted design unlike any cast glass product ever designed or viewed in the glass industry,” explains MaryAnn.

Honeycomb Glass Info

when light, shape and durability come together

A leader in kiln-formed, decorative cast glass products, Vancouver-based Nathan Allan Glass Studios brings all its creativity and craft to this new product where light, shape and durability come together in seemingly impossible skeins, resulting in ethereal sheets of glassy honeycomb shapes, to be used in a myriad of settings and applications.

Story Credits | Digital storyteller: Margaret Doyle, Photo/Video: Dana Scobercia

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