Furrow Textured Glass. Our Furrow Textured Glass is comparable to our Linear and Linear XL patterns. However, with our Furrow pattern, the individual flutes are concave in shape, and maintain a light, subtle, Satin-like texture. Each flute is separated by a distinct delineation groove line, which creates an intriguing scalloped effect. This converse design is 3-Dimensional on the pattern surface, while retaining a very flat back surface.

Furrow Textured Glass is one of our most unique patterns. The glass is ideal for any vertical partition application where light transmission through both sides of the glass is ideal. Furrow is an elite texture. An ideal choice for the designer who wants to incorporate an architectural glass which is different from any other. Select from clear, low iron, bronze or black glass. Frosted and color finishes available.

Applications: Balustrade, Cladding, Dividers, Doors, Facades, Feature Walls, Lighting, Partitions, Windows

furrow glass oblique series