15th Annual HD Product Award

WINNER: Nathan Allan Glass Studios
Product: Convex 3D Architectural Glass
Category: Surfaces

Louis Vuitton flagship store in Beijing China. A high end retail store selling various types of quality, brand name merchandise. The storefront section was completely renovated with our custom kiln formed glass. 32 panels of various sizes, totaling over 1000 square feet of glass, were formed, safety tempered, and installed. Panels varied in sizes, and the largest panels were formed at 6’6 x 11’6. The custom design was produced using a special “Freeform Series” production process, which creates deep 3D patterned glass. The uniqueness of this glass is that while still patterned, the glass itself remains clear, not textured. It is the 3D depth in the design which creates the pattern. Adding intrigue and detail to the unique glass pattern is a “Crystal” effect, where literally, millions of crystals are fused onto the back surface of each floral pattern. The crystals add another design layer to the glass and they sparkle and illuminate with the custom edge lighting system. Remarkably, the pattern flows continuously from panel to panel, creating a seamless overall design.

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