Silvered Finishes, Glass Color Options, Privacy Finishes

Silvered Finishes, Glass Color Options, Privacy Finishes. Nathan Allan’s bold and vibrant Silvered Finishes, Glass Color Options and Privacy Finishes can be applied to any and all of the 175+ architectural glass products we proudly display on our website. Our silvered finishes are bold and reflective, and make any space come alive. Ideal for all cladding applications.

Our Lucent, Duotone and Pearl color finishes, are produced in transparent, translucent, or opaque colors. These vibrant colors instantly brighten up a room. Custom colors can be produced in opaque finishes when PMS, SW, BM, or RAL color chips or numbers are provided.

Subtle privacy finishes can be applied to our glass designs. With our exclusive “Satin” frosted finish, which is a fully sealed, repellant surface, you can say goodbye to fingerprints and difficult cleaning which is normally associated with frosted glass. This game changing Satin finish is incredibly effective and is permanent.

Front, back, or edge lighting can be used based upon the glass you select, and the application in your project.

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Glass Color Options