Balustrade Architectural Textured Glass. Kiln Formed cast glass balustrades offer both functional and decorative glass appeal. While allowing light to filter between levels of a space, cast glass balustrades provide privacy and separation. Used in residential and commercial applications, our cast glass balustrades have a low maintenance feature, which makes cleaning very easy. As the textured glass surface is repellant, grease and dirt will not stick, and fingerprints do not even show!!!

Nathan Allan produces over 70 cast glass textures which can be used in Balustrade applications. Select from our Classic, Freeform or Josiah J Collections. Choose any thickness of glass you desire, in a safety tempered or laminated form. We look forward to hearing from you in order to discuss your custom thick glass needs further. We have years of experience in the glass manufacturing business. Please contact us today in order to learn more about our Balustrade Architectural Textured Glass.