Barry Allan


Mr Allan continues to revolutionize the kiln-formed glass industry with his creativeness and unbridled vision. His continual and constant innovation of new and exclusive designs, continue to amaze his peers and competitors alike. With over 30 years in the architectural glass industry, Barry has assembled a group of extremely talented artisans, who create the most unique designs available to our global clients. His reputation to create the impossible, is what has drawn so many exclusive clients to Nathan Allan.

Josiah Meppelink


Josiah comes to Nathan Allan, as an All Canadian Academic/Athletic scholarship collegian, majoring in Business Marketing. “Jo” has trained in our factory the past 2 summers, and his ability to quickly learn and absorb has allowed for his rapid promotion onto our Sales & Marketing team. Josiah will continue to pursue his Master’s Degree while contributing to the success of Nathan Allan, on a part time basis.

Nathan Mepelink

Nathan Meppelink

Sales Associate

Nathan provides quick, knowledgeable, and professional service to all our clients throughout North America. Nathan’s dedication and intelligent approach to clients is appreciated by all. It’s obvious to everyone who works with Nathan, why he is consistently growing our sales base within North America. Nathan has a golden amateur sports history, winning a Basketball State title in Washington State, and also winning a Soccer Provincial title in British Columbia. He continued his basketball career with 2 years at Biola University, California and 2 years at Calvin College, Michigan.

MaryAnn M.

Creative Designer

MaryAnn’s Interior Design, Decorating, and Fashion experience has been a perfect fit within Nathan Allan. Our showroom and studio reflect her talents and artistic nature, enhancing the beautiful glass products we create. Her ability to dialogue and visualize with our designer clients and internal design team, is invaluable in helping our talented factory crew create dramatic new products for the A&D industry.

Irina Beletskaya

Design & Advertising

Irina is an Ashworth College Graphic Design graduate and has worked in the design field for over five years. Born in the Ukraine, and raised in Russia, she also studied and graduated at Moscow’s Agronomical And Engineering University. Having learned English as a second language, she is fluent in Russian and now English as well.

Irina’s passion for photography is displayed all throughout our website. Her ability to capture decorative glass in it’s finest form, is clearly evident. Irina is also responsible for all marketing and advertising posts which you will find in key A&D publications, and throughout all social media outlets.

Greg Carter

Greg Carter

Primary Artist

For 25+ years, our Primary Artist, Greg Carter, has been creating and designing decorative glass with Nathan Allan. His all-encompassing glass art talents, impress his co-workers and clientele alike. Greg’s original glass creations are installed in projects all over North America, and around the Globe. The creative environment and freedom at Nathan Allan allows Greg to explore and bring his creative ideas to tangible fruition.

Dave Welch

Dave Welch

Lead Artist

Dave Welch, Lead Artist at Nathan Allan, effectively uses his biology background and common interest in nature, to create some of the most interesting and exclusive glass products available at Nathan Allan. Dave’s love of glass design is evident in the newly developed textured glass products he keeps creating, year after year. Nathan Allan Employees.

Mike Porteous

Mike Porteous

Production Manager

Mike Porteous is this technical guru at Nathan Allan, who overseas each production sequence from start to finish. As there are various aspects to producing innovative glass, along with numerous technical details, Mike’s professional training in the technology field has expertly guided him through 25+ years of service at Nathan Allan.

Guissela Solorio

Guissela Solorio


A graduate of BCIT’s Finance Management Program, Guissela is always looking for new challenges that will bring the opportunity to create, reorganize and make processes more efficient, while looking out for the bottom line. With a special passion for the glass manufacturing industry, Guissela enjoys working at Nathan Allan Glass for the uniqueness of our products and the diversity of our customers.

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