Project Description

Willow XL Decorative Glass

Willow XL Decorative Glass


Whimsical, playful, full of movement, and performing a classic function. All key words to describe Nathan Allan’s Willow XL Decorative Glass. Part of our Freeform Colection 3D surface patterns, Willow XL railing glass panels are strong, durable, and highly decorative. An added bonus to using Nathan Allan kiln formed glass products is the cleaning feature of sealed, textured glass panels. Each panel is virtually maintenance free and will look new in 20 years.

Willow XL Decorative Glass

Willow XL textured panels are a combination of safety tempered glass and safety laminated glass; not an easy feat when curved staircases are involved. The staircase section of this application requires bent safety glass panels, which are bent in a corkscrew type fashion. Immensely difficult to produce, individual bending jigs were required to bend/twist the glass, and a precise laminate injection was also used to create the safety feature for this glass.
High praise goes to Christopher Glass & Aluminum, Chicago IL, for their incredible installation of a very difficult product.


Collection Freeform
Texture Willow XL
Glass Clear
Thickness 1/2″ (12 mm)
Dimensions 36″ x 42″ (914 x 1066 mm)
Safety Tempered
Designer ESa
Installer Christopher Glass & Aluminium
Photography Mary Pence

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