Freeform Architectural Cast Glass

Freeform Architectural Cast Glass. Nathan Allan designers were looking to develop a new Architectural Cast Glass. As a result, our Freeform Series glass was created. In contrast to our Classic Textures which are relatively opaque, Freeform Series glass is clear. However, the surface of this glass is deep, lofty, and 3-Dimensional. Protruding Convex shapes are formed on the front surface of each panel. On the back surface, a Concave depression is formed. For these reasons, our Freeform Series Architectural Kiln Formed Glass is like no other.
Freeform Series contains three unique design styles; Reed, Innovative, and Formations. Patterns range from corporate linear designs, to flowing shaped designs, to structural grid designs. Popular designs such as Cathedral, Channel, Grille, Teardrop and Willow are all located within this category. Four desirable glass colors available are clear, low iron, bronze and black. And recently introduced to our Freeform Glass is our exciting Silvered (Mirrored) Back option.
All Freeform Series glass patterns can be safety tempered or safety laminated, and will meet or exceed building code requirements. Applications include cladding, walls, partitions, balustrades, doors, windows and even shower enclosures. As enclosures, the unique textures camouflage soap and water spots.


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