Privacy Finishes

Privacy Finishes are available in 3 options; Satin Sealed, Frosted and Opaque. Each privacy option has a different level of opacity, ranging from low to medium to high. Opacity options are typically used to increase the level of privacy in the glass, however at times, the finishes are also added to the glass to bring out the highlights in the 3-Dimensional glass surfaces. Privacy Finishes are mostly translucent, allowing for certain levels of light transmission. The opacity finishes help to create an effective light source blocker, where the hot spots of artificial light sources are diminished or blocked from view. An added feature occurs when the light source creates a warm white glow in our textured glass panels. A person or object which is placed closely behind a Privacy Finished glass panel, may be slightly visible. However, as the person or object moves further away from the Privacy finished panel, they begin to disappear. Privacy finishes can be added to all our Glass Textures and Patterns.

Satin Sealed

Our exclusive Satin Sealed frosted finish is a real game changer. With a smooth, silky finish, Satin Sealed glass is non-absorbent and does not fingerprint. It is a permanent finish, and never has to be reapplied. Cleaning is quick and simple, and in most cases, is not even required. Ideal for Healthcare applications in today’s Covid world. Opacity level at 60% to 70%.


Our standard frosted finish is great for any for lighting applications or where extra privacy is required. It is also our most cost effective frosted finish. Ideally, the back surface of the glass should be the frosted surface, and not exposed to high traffic. Our standard frosted finish has a more coarse surface, with a light, sandy under tone. Opacity level at 75% to 85%


Nathan Allan’s Opaque Etched finish has a smooth, white color finish. Easy to clean and soft to the touch, the extra opacity in our Opaque finish is suited for applications where full privacy is required. When lighted, a soft white glow is created. Our Opaque finish is applied to flat glass panels, which are laminated or insulated to our kiln formed textured glass. Opacity level near 100%.