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Architectural Glass Design for Louis Vuitton, Beijing China

There is an incredible amount of time and effort which goes into producing a new, unique, architectural cast glass product. Working to design a 3-Dimensional corporate logo in real glass, and which could also be safety tempered, was an extremely difficult process. There were 8 separate production phases with our Louis Vuitton glass. Each phase was extremely time consuming, and during this process, up to 10 factory technicians were working 7 days a week. 100+ full production days were required to complete fabrication.

As one can see below, our Creative Designer MaryAnn M is excited to pose with the beautiful finished glass product. MaryAnn literally had a “hand” in this project, spending countless hours in our factory, framing/cutting the design, along with the crystallization of each panel.

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The finished result is a stunning 3D architectural cast glass, with a deeply formed corporate LV logo. It’s an incredible feeling to run one’s hand over the wavy surface, and even more so, it’s an awesome feeling to stand back and view the glass. However, we didn’t end the glass design at this stage. Fused to the back surface of the 3D glass are millions of crystals, which frame the LV logo, and which sparkle under the effervescent back lighting. This detailed Louis Vuitton logo, created with protruding 3D surface shapes, and accented with brilliant crystals throughout; well, it’s crystal clear to us at Nathan Allan, why this glass has won so many awards…

Louis Vuitton Beijing China

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