Chicago Reed Architectural Cast Glass for Architectural Glass Projects

Chicago Reed Architectural Cast Glass is part of Nathan Allan’s very exclusive Freeform Series. As a result one will find that these glass designs are unique and one of a kind. Likewise we are proud to boast that all 14 designs were created by Nathan Allan artists. As such these elegant designs are Nathan Allan originals.

Chicago Reed Architectural Cast Glass

Our Reed Architectural Cast Glass provides a dazzling architectural feature that will compliment any build. For this reason, it has become one of our most popular interior designer selections. At the same time our Reed glass is also extremely functional, and often used in conference room feature walls. Accordingly, Reed Architectural Cast Glass is also featured in partitions, facades, doors and retail storefronts. Therefore helping to soundproof any space, and allowing considerable light transmission, makes this glass very desirable.

Reed Architectural Cast Glass is produced with 5/8” (15mm) wide Flutes. Maximum Panel sizes reach 5’0 x 10’0. Clear and Low Iron glass options are available. Glass will be safety tempered.

Our extremely creative Free Forming process, produces clear texture less glass panels. As a result, the clear 3D convex surfaces also provide ample privacy. New in 2018 is our Silvered version of Reed Glass, also available in Bronze and Black Glass.

Thus, there is nothing else like our Channel Architectural Cast Glass in our industry. For this reason, we encourage you to check out our Instagram Page and Facebook Page. At the same time, for more information on our Channel Architectural Cast Glass please contact us today.

Application: Balustrade, Cladding, Dividers, Doors, Partitions, Doors, Façade, Feature Walls, Windows

Nathan Allan Glass Studios is a designer and manufacturer of artistic glass products and we have been in business since 1986.

We specialize in textured, cast, slumped and kiln formed art glass in Chicago, Illinois and surrounding area. Some of the specialty glass products we create are:

Partitions | Glass Countertops | Doors | Lighting | Stair Treads | Bent Glass | Glass Facades

Some Types Of Glass

Please visit our Glass Product Page for a complete list of glass we use. Each custom artistic glass design can be made with all types of different glass. We have created different textured glass for all sorts of projects.

Chicago Reed Architectural Cast Glass Videos

Video example of product designs we offer for sale. You can view more videos HERE.

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Specialty Glass Examples

Here are some perfect examples of some of the products we make. Chicago Reed Architectural Cast Glass makes bar and kitchen countertops, glass lighting, glass doors,  partitions and other fantastic textured glass creations. Please visit our product page in order to see more examples.

Textured Glass Articles

View more HERE. Articles written by Nathan Allan Glass Studios about our products, new and innovative glass and manufacturing methods and so much more.

The A&D community has requested bright and powerful colors for 2017. Clients are craving the positive energy we absorb from color. In response, Nathan Allan kiln formed glass artists, have developed new, vivid, color combinations for our dazzling Duotone Series. Applied on deep textured glass, the color combinations illuminate each space with optimism and intensity… READ MORE


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