Nathan Allan’s Award Winning Convex Glass was recently featured in The ARCHITECT’S NEWSPAPER, for our stunning Holt Renfrew, Façade Glass project.

Working with the prestigious New York City architectural firm of Janson Goldstein, Convex Glass was developed as a unique, original glass product, specifically for the Holt Renfrew project. Approximately 100 sets of Panels of individually quilted, 3-Dimensional glass pillows, were produced in rectangular shapes, and are displayed in this high-end Façade. Panel sizes reached 6’0 x 11’0 dimensions.

“Fire-Frosted” panels provided an elegant opacity on the building’s exterior skin, while “Clear Vision” panels create a spectacular display and phenomenal view. This unique dual process and pattern was designed specifically for this project.

Using 2 layers of this intricately patterned, handmade, kiln formed glass, Nathan Allan developed a new technology that allows for a “hand in glove” fitting of 2 identical panels. After the kiln forming process, the large panels are laminated together, using a special water proof laminate, designed for outdoor usage. Water and moisture do not adversely affect the laminate, and the crystal clear quality in the laminate is not affected by UV.

The incredible safety feature in our Convex Glass also exceeded laboratory testing of wind load and seismic activity. The Convex shape of the glass surface creates many different lighting effects on both the exterior and interior of this beautiful retail store.

Convex Glass is available in a variety of 6 patterns, including our newest Circles and Triangles patterns.