Kiln formed textured glass countertops and glass bar tops are part of Nathan Allan’s most popular architectural glass products, as a result these are quickly replacing traditional countertop materials. With their non-porous and easy to clean surfaces our trademark textured glass edges on our thick glass countertops hide fingerprints while adding beauty and dimension to all our decorative tops.

Options for Glass Countertops

Choose from one of our 66 textured glass options in our Classic Series. Apply the options to your glass creation or thick glass bar top. Select from 1.5”, up to 4” thick glass, in clear or low iron options. Enhance your thick glass countertop by adding vibrant color finishes on the textured glass surfaces. Illuminate your thick glass with effective edge lighting or pad lighting solutions.

Create unique and brilliant designs by using thick glass bar tops and thick glass countertops on your next project. Please contact us today for a free consultation. Following Us On Twitter is another great way to learn more about other products and our business.

We customize our work and this is especially relevant if you are starting on an interior design project. Your ideas matter therefore we want to hear them.

Glass Countertops

To capture the glamour and thrill in a casino the architecture must be something special and hence unforgettable. In an electrifying combination of color, light and texture we teamed up with Denean Scott of Design Solutions. Together we created the focal point in the Silver Reef Casino in Bellingham, WA. The creation is a Thick Glass, tropical blue bartop and due to it’s stunning design it is a big hit to say the least. See more about the Silver Reef Casino here.

Who We Serve

Please look through our gallery and discover other wonderful examples of our product. We strive to create the best quality of unique and breathtaking designs in the business and also can craft a custom glass creation for you. We cater to Architects, Businesses, Home Builders, Contractors and most of all people like you. Nathan Allan Glass Studios have been creating custom design work since 1986.

Examples of Our Product

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Case Studies

Types of Glass

Below are other examples of unique Nathan Allan Architectural Cast Glass textures. A complete list of all available textures can be viewed HERE.

Visual Information

Please take a moment to view the video highlighting our incredible Honeycomb, 3-Dimensioanal, White Metallic Glass. Honeycomb Glass is designed for large scale exterior and interior Architectural Glass Facades.

Glass Manufacturing

We make all our glass products on site using only the most skilled of employees in the glass making industry. All our textured and architectural glass products are made by Nathan Allan Glass Studios.

When a designer or architect has a vision for a project, our unparalleled team is here to help realize it. Through a synergy of artistic vision and cutting-edge technology, decades of experience and unbridled imagination, we push the boundaries of possible and impossible… READ MORE

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