Hollingsworth Glass Stairs

Hollingsworth Glass Stairs, West Vancouver BC

Hollingsworth Glass Stairs. When the idea of a floating Glass Stair Treads was first floated (no pun intended) by Russell Hollingsworth Architecture, West Vancouver, all were excited. At the same time, Nathan Allan factory technicians realized the difficult process which was about to begin. Visualizing this incredible staircase was one process, but producing the final Glass Stair Treads was entirely different. As a result, architect, engineers, and cast glass producers, all combined their expertise and visions. The floating Glass Stair Treads were an alluring concept, but could they be produced. Was it possible that this incredible vision could actually be brought to life? Furthermore, could the Glass Stair Treads be safely engineered? The photos of this exciting, exclusive project, confirm an architect’s spectacular vision. Accordingly, they also show a commitment by Nathan Allan technicians, to produce the impossible.

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Designer: Hollingsworth Architecture, West Vancouver.
Installer: Horizon Glass
Photography: Suzanne Rushton Photography.

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