Honeycomb Textured Glass. By nature, a beehive relies on distinct yet interconnected ‘cells’ or honeycombs that play an important role and relationship to the overall health of the hive.

Similarly, Nathan Allan’s new Honeycomb product is made of ‘cells’ that create an innovative system of strong yet elegantly refined panels that can be used in partitions, feature walls, facades and cladding. Lead production designer Greg Carter says “it has the deepest texture of any glass Nathan Allan has ever produced and required brand new mold designs and original melting programs in our kilns, to successfully form the glass”.

“Honeycomb glass is unique in two very specific ways,” explains director Barry Allan. “The size of the pattern — the large-scale individual cells are something very exclusive in my industry — and how each cell protrudes 2.5 inches [63mm] outwards, creating an incredible three-D effect.”

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honeycomb architectural glass

Despite the grand scale — each cell is 15 inches wide by 15 inches high (380mm x 380mm)— Nathan Allan can produce Honeycomb glass in large Annealed panels and shatter-resistant laminated safety panels.

Unique, exclusive, and unlike any glass product ever designed

Designers and architects can also choose different opacities such as the clear glass version that allows light to refract through the glass forming a deep bubbly appearance, or the white-metallic colored option which Carter says creates a kind of pillowy effect, similar to many fabric-roof designs on large sports stadiums.

Whether used in exterior or interior applications, the new product will allow, explains Barry Allan, “large amounts of light to travel through it or it can provide privacy with opaque or frosted finishes.” Honeycomb glass would be also be a dramatic and bold choice for a feature wall in a lobby entrance where first impressions create lifelong memories.

honeycomb glass

MaryAnn, who worked with the lead factory designers during the R&D process, is excited that Honeycomb glass can be used in so many different applications, indoors and outdoors:

“It’s also important to know that Nathan Allan can produce Honeycomb glass in safety-glass versions, to meet all building code requirements, so the opportunity to use Honeycomb is not restricted.”

Honeycomb Textured Glass | Story Credits | Digital storyteller: Margaret Doyle, Photo/Video: Dana Scobercia