Glass Types

Laminated Wall Panels. With handmade, Architectural Cast glass, a liquid resin laminating method is required. The laminate which Nathan Allan uses is an apex quality, crystal clear, polyurethane (not polyester) resin, which will not yellow, nor be affected by water, moisture, or UV. As the surface of Architectural Cast Glass is not flat, during the laminating process, air bubbles may form. When air bubbles do form, they are typically very small, from 1/16” to 1/8” in diameter (2mm to 3mm). As the bubbles are very small, when standing back a few feet, they disappear from view.

Laminated Wall Panels

The amount of bubbles which may form in a panel is random. Some panels will be perfect, and other may only have 1 or 2 bubbles. With glass which has a substantial warp in the glass, you may find that extra bubbles can form. Please note, that with organic handmade glass, the formation of air bubbles is considered normal. Also, as you can see below in the finished laminated panels, with our Fluted Glass, the bubbles disappear at a distance. Visit Us On Facebook.

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42” x 72” Panels Shown (1067mm x 1829mm)

Laminated Wall Panels

Panel A – 1/8” diameter air bubble, viewed from inches away                    Panel A – a few feet away, view of bubble disappears

Panel B – 1/16” diameter air bubbles, viewed from inches away               Panel B – a few feet away, view of bubbles disappear

Panel A – bubbles not visible at distance                                                              Panel B – bubbles not visible at distance