Mirage Textured Glass Walls. Elegant, thick, deeply textured glass walls are used in this beautiful Mother Mercy healthcare project in Minnesota. Our kiln formed glass production is used to define the individual spaces, create privacy, and add a stunning visual feature.

Mirage textured glass panels, another exclusive from Nathan Allan Glass Studios, create functional, yet spectacular Glass Walls, and are featured throughout the project.

Nathan Allan’s textured glass panels have an anti-microbial, low maintenance quality, uniquely designed for Healthcare applications.

Mirage Textured Glass Walls Pictures

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Mirage Textured Glass Walls

Mirage Textured Glass Walls

In this beautiful Healthcare project, one can view the flowing, continuous design, of Nathan Allan’s unique, Mirage Architectural glass panels. These stunning panels are produced in a bent, safety tempered glass, another first, and only by Nathan Allan. Our Mirage Architectural glass panels have become a central meeting area within the United Mother Baby Hospital and create an upbeat, energizing feeling for patients and visiting family.

Photo: ©John Magnoski