Nathan Allan Glass Studios Inc Websites

Nathan Allan Glass Studios Inc Websites

Nathan Allan Glass Studios Inc Websites. Here is a list of all the different websites Nathan Allan Glass Studios Inc has around the world. Contact us on a website that is closest to your area and we will be more then happy to assist you in a timely manner. We design and manufacture architectural and textured glass. Glass doors, dividers, countertops, walls and stairtreads. Our factory is located in British Columbia Canada. We have sales reps located all around the world.

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Nathan Allan Glass Studios is located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. We are the world’s leading manufacturer of unique and exclusive kiln-formed glass and cast glass products. Since 1986 our company has specialized in the production of hand crafted Architectural Glass and Decorative glass products. Working with high end interior designers and architects, our unique and exclusive glass products are created, shipped, and installed all over the globe.

Nathan Allan Glass Studios Inc Websites. We are proud to announce many great designers and clients, whom we have the privilege of working with in the past few months . Most recently we have collaborated with Meyer Davis, The Switzer Group, Marnell Companies, HOK, Joyce Wang, Marriott Design,and ID3 Design. Projects include Louis Vuitton, Four Seasons Hotels, Marriot, InMocean, Blackhawk Casino, Mother Mercy Hospitals, and Cache Creek Casino. As we enter 2019, we have many exciting projects we are currently working on and will be posting as soon as projects are completed. Nathan Allan Home. | Facebook

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Architectural Glass Design for Louis Vuitton, Beijing China

Here is a blog story about glass we think you might enjoy reading.

Nathan Allan’s finished glass concepts always begin with a thought. The thought becomes an actual design, and the design morphs into a small sample for client critique and approval (see above).

Working on the minute details with our clients, our designs grow and features are added. Technical discussion begins, making sure that whatever glass designs we create, the final product has to be safety tempered and functional. Balancing decoration and functionality is often very difficult, but here at Nathan Allan, we always seem to make it happen… READ MORE OF THIS ARTICLE