Project Description

Falls Buffet Waterfall Glass

This indoor Waterfall project uses 1/2” thick cast glass panels, with our appropriately named, Freeform Series Ripple glass. With water flowing down the face of our Ripple glass, a shimmering and glossy effect is created. The Rock Back Wall, which is often used with our Waterfall glass, helps to create a more realistic effect. The soft sounds of the flowing water create a comforting, relaxing background for those patrons who are looking to kick back.

Snoqualmie Casino Seattle, WA


Collection Freeform
Texture Ripple
Glass Clear
Thickness 3/8″ (10 mm)
Dimensions 48″ x 90″ (1219 x 2286 mm)
Safety Tempered
Designer Bruce de Armond, Yates Silverman
Installer Contractor
Photography Peter Malinowski
Vancouver Fluted Architectural Cast Glass is part of Nathan Allan’s very exclusive Freeform Series. As a result one will find that these glass designs are unique and one of a kind. Likewise we are proud to boast that all 14 designs were created by Nathan Allan artists. As such these elegant designs are Nathan Allan originals.
Our Fluted Architectural Cast Glass provides a dazzling architectural feature that will compliment any build. For this reason, it has become one of our most popular interior designer selections. At the same time our Fluted glass is also extremely functional, and often used in conference room feature walls. Accordingly, Fluted Architectural Cast Glass is also featured in partitions, facades, doors and retail storefronts. Therefore helping to soundproof any space, and allowing considerable light transmission, makes this glass very desirable.
Fluted Architectural Cast Glass is produced with 1/4” (15mm) wide Flutes. Maximum Panel sizes reach 5’0 x 10’0. Clear and Low Iron glass options are available. Glass will be safety tempered.
Our extremely creative Free Forming process, produces clear texture less glass panels. As a result, the clear 3D convex surfaces also provide a unique, effective privacy. New in 2019 is our Silvered version of Fluted Glass, which is also available in Low Iron, Bronze and Black Glass… READ MORE