Stair Treads

Glass Stair Treads Glass Flooring. Nathan Allan Glass Stair Treads and Glass Flooring, are two very unique products in today’s Architectural Glass Industry. Produced specifically to be walked on, our glass incorporates Nathan Allan’s exclusive “Glass Sandpaper” safety finish. To illustrate, authentic glass particles are melted onto the walking surface, to create a slip-resistant surface. As such, not only are these glass particles durable and effective, they are nearly invisible. Nathan Allan’s Glass Sandpaper has the highest ASTM slip-co ratings in our industry. As a result, our Glass Treads can be used in both wet and dry conditions. Therefore, this allows for our Glass Treads and Glass Flooring to be installed outdoors as well.

Nathan Allan’s Architectural Glass textures can be added to our 3-layered, engineered glass treads. Architectural Glass Treads provide a unique decorative glass feature, along with privacy effect. Other decorative glass features include color finishes, as well as etched privacy finishes. Conversely, select a classic see-through glass tread, for optimum visual clarity. The best quality Glass Treads and Glass Flooring in our industry, are only available at Nathan Allan. Specify Nathan Allan Glass Treads, because they are durable, safe, and long lasting!