Symmetry Series

Symmetry Series

Symmetry Series Textured Glass. Textured or clear — or both? Balancing the dualities is Symmetry, an entrancing new series of glass patterns that offers embossed and debossed shapes, all living as harmoniously as yin and yang.

Symmetry Series are comprised of 6 textures: Binary, Binary XL, Cluster, Jewel, Paradigm, Trillium.

We are proud to announce many great designers and clients, whom we have the privilege of working with in the past few months . Most recently we have collaborated with Meyer Davis, The Switzer Group, Marnell Companies, HOK, Joyce Wang, Marriott Design,and ID3 Design. Projects include Louis Vuitton, Four Seasons Hotels, Marriot, InMocean, Blackhawk Casino, Mother Mercy Hospitals, and Cache Creek Casino. As we enter 2018, we have many exciting projects we are currently working on and will be posting as soon as projects are completed.

With over 150+ unique and exclusive glass textures and designs, Nathan Allan offers the largest assembly of hand crafted Architectural Glass products. Created for the A&D community, our Architectural Glass is used in wall partitions, balustrades, doors, dividers, storefront and facades. Nathan Allan has also designed 2 exclusive products for Glass Flooring and Glass Stair Tread applications. Each of these products is designed with our Glass Sandpaper safety finish, an incredibly durable and effective safety finish.


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