Crackle Series

Crackle Series Textured Glass. Resembling cracked/melted ice, Crackle Glass is produced by using exclusive fusing and laminating techniques. This Architectural Glass is composed of three layers of various glass types, which are fused together and laminated to mirror, to create safety glass. Ideally installed in cladding applications, light enters through the Crackle Glass and Textured Glass panel, while the mirrored back panel reflects the light back through the Crackle Glass, creating a sparkling effect that simulates the multi-faceted brilliance of diamonds. We are proud to announce many great designers and clients, whom we have the privilege of working with in the past few months . Most recently we have collaborated with Meyer Davis, The Switzer Group, Marnell Companies, HOK, Joyce Wang, Marriott Design,and ID3 Design. Projects include Louis Vuitton, Four Seasons Hotels, Marriot, InMocean, Blackhawk Casino, Mother Mercy Hospitals, and Cache Creek Casino. As we enter 2018, we have many exciting projects we are currently working on and will be posting as soon as projects are completed.


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