Iceberg Series

Iceberg Series

Iceberg Series Textured Glass invokes a fresh, watery, floating context of glass islands streaming aimlessly within an invisible boundary. Iceberg nuggets, with chiseled edges, are solidly formed then melted within a sea of clear glass formations. The intricate production methods create panels of vivid glass features, where the Icebergs appear to move and float as if gently flowing with an ocean current. This unique textured glass, produced with Garret Cord Werner Architects, is the latest product launch for Nathan Allan. Iceberg Glass can be produced in small or large, 1.5” thick textured glass sheets, in Annealed or Safety Laminated versions.

Another exclusive Nathan Allan Architectural Glass creation is our Heavy, Thick Glass Counter Tops. Produced in 1.5” to 4” thick glass, these Heavy Thick Glass Countertops are available in over 60 textures. An original design feature is that each Thick Glass Countertop also comes with matching textured glass edges.

View our 60+ Classic Textures, our incredible FreeForm Collection, and our sizzling Josiah J Collection. Nathan Allan Glass Studios Architectural Glass Collection is changing how designers select and use decorative glass products for their quality high end projects.

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