Sphere Series

Sphere Series Textured Glass. Dynamic spheres of glass are attached to one side of clear or textured sheets of glass, adding a new definition of “pop”. The gravity defying orbs liven up a feature wall without obstructing light. Spheres are normally attached to one side only, but can be attached to both sides. Spheres can be attached to clear sheets of glass or kiln-formed textured sheets of glass. Pricing is based upon 1 Sphere per square foot surface of glass sheet. Nathan Allan artists will determine, upon the layout of the Spheres, how many Spheres will creatively look best. If artist deems that less or more Spheres are necessary, the client will be advised before production begins. With over 150+ unique and exclusive glass textures and designs, Nathan Allan offers the largest assembly of hand crafted Architectural Glass products. Created for the A&D community, our Architectural Glass is used in wall partitions, balustrades, doors, dividers, storefront and facades. Nathan Allan has also designed 2 exclusive products for Glass Flooring and Glass Stair Tread applications. Each of these products is designed with our Glass Sandpaper safety finish, an incredibly durable and effective safety finish.


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