Stones Series

Stones Series Textured Glass. To produce our uniquely formed Stones textured glass, thousands of authentic glass pebbles are melted and fused together, to create a realistic aggregate surface. Stones Glass is produced in crystal clear, low iron glass, with the option of adding a cloudy frosted finish. Panel sizes can range up to 5’0 x 10’0, in annealed or safety glass options. To produce Stones safety glass, requires a laminating process. Stones Series Textured Glass can be laminated to clear or colored flat panels, for 2 sided viewing. Or, our Stones glass can be laminated to a mirrored back panel, or opaque etched panel, for one sided viewing applications, such as Cladding and Walls.

Application: Balustrades, Cladding, Doors, Facades, Partitions, Walls


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