Veer Textured Glass. Many of our Nathan Allan intriguing glass designs are developed through requests from interior designers and architects. The Textured Glass is a result of one of these requests. For a large commercial cladding project, one of our key architects asked if we could produce a Tin Roof design, using our kiln formed glass methods. After a few weeks of R&D, our Veer textured glass was created.

Our Glass is linear in design, with rigid alternating channels. The zig zag effect in the design creates the tin roof like replication, and the profile of this glass is attractively extreme! Where tin is fully opaque, our Veer Textured glass is translucent, and allows for ample light transmission. This is ideal for any partition or feature wall, where the glass is viewable from both sides. For cladding applications, where opacity is required, frosted or opaque color finishes can be applied.

Make sure to view the individual design options, where Profile photos capture the authentic nature of this architectural glass.


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