Honeycomb Textured Glass. Nathan Allan’s Honeycomb Glass is created by melting custom sized, larger frit pieces, which are produced in different shades and tones. Our unique fusing methods cause all of the fragments to melt and join together, forming this unique, yet natural, Honeycomb pattern. There is a nice balance of opacity and light transmission, with light enhancing the complex texture. However, Honeycomb does offer a higher level of opacity than our Honeycomb Glass. Each glass surface is perfectly smooth, which is contrary to most kiln formed glass designs where at least one surface is fully textured.

Honeycomb Textured Glass can be produced in large or small panels, up to a standard maximum size of 5’0 x 10’0 (1500mm x 3000mm). It is ideal for all glass countertop applications in restaurants, bars, casinos or registration desk applications. The standard thickness of Honeycomb glass is 1.5” (38mm), but we can also produce 2” (50mm) thick panels. For vertical panel installations, Honeycomb Glass can be laminated to flat panels of low iron glass, to meet safety glass requirements.

Application: Glass Countertops, Balustrade, Cladding, Dividers, Doors, Partitions, Façade, Feature Walls, Windows