Tapestry Green

Tapestry Green

Maximum Panel Size Annealed or Laminated    5 x 10 feet (1,5 x 3,0 m)
Panel Thickness 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4 inches
6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 19 millimeters
Glass Types Clear · Low Iron · View All Glass Types
Edgework Natural Texture or Polished
Tints Blue, Green, Orange, Purple (available only for Low Iron Glass Type)
Privacy Finishes Frosted or Etched
Safety Laminated
Cleaning Our glass products can be cleaned with liquid cleaners and paper towels, or soft clothes. Liquid cleaners with out ammonia will help reduce streaks on the glass. Avoid all abrasive cleaning materials.

Tapestry Green Textured Glass for Architectural Glass Projects

Our Fusion Tapestry Green Textured Glass is the perfect solution for making your next glass building project a success. Durability, strength and a stunning look that will compliment any build. We have a vast amount of textured glass in all sorts of styles. We encourage you to check out our Instagram Page in order to find other great examples. If you are interested in this texture and would like to learn more? Please contact Nathan Allan Glass Studio Today. We have 100’s of glass textures to choose from for your next building projects.

Worldwide sales our available.

Architectural Glass Design for Louis Vuitton, Beijing China

Here is a blog story about glass we think you might enjoy reading.

Nathan Allan’s finished glass concepts always begin with a thought. The thought becomes an actual design, and the design morphs into a small sample for client critique and approval (see above).

Working on the minute details with our clients, our designs grow and features are added. Technical discussion begins, making sure that whatever glass designs we create, the final product has to be safety tempered and functional. Balancing decoration and functionality is often very difficult, but here at Nathan Allan, we always seem to make it happen… READ MORE OF THIS ARTICLE



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