Elegant and stunning, Nathan Allan’s unique creative glass designs, have earned Director Barry Allan a firm reputation as the premier kiln formed glass expert in North America.

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HD: How would you describe your business in one sentence?

BA: Creative, revolutionary, forward thinking, and always a step ahead of our competition.


HD: How different does your company look today from five years ago?

BA: In some ways, we are very different, because of all the new product offerings available. In addition, we relocated into a new, 18,000 square foot facility in Vancouver, Canada. We are now able to exceed environmental compliance regulations while continuously upgrading production efficiency.

In other ways, we’re still the same; appreciative of the designers and architects we work with and always striving to maintain a high service level around the World.


HD: What does partnership mean to your company today?

BA: Partnership is the relationship we have with designers and architects, to create “beauty with sizzle”. Often there is a lot of communication involved, R&D and testing of new designs, to make sure the glass is produced in specific ways, so that installation is easy and seamless.


HD: What is your company’s philosophy toward customization?

BA: Nathan Allan has developed our production methods so that customization is possible. It’s one of our fortes. Designers need or want to make changes to current glass patterns, or create something entirely different, and we have the ability to do so.


HD: Briefly describe a product/innovation you have introduced recently.

BA: Nathan Allan recently created an exclusive production method called “Freeforming”. Freeforming allows us to produce texture less glass patterns, which are 95% clear, allowing ample light transmission, while still providing levels of privacy. All Teardrop Glass options are produced with our Freeforming Production method.


HD: How is technology playing a role in product development?

BA: New Technology has been huge for Nathan Allan. Using new mold materials and glass options, along with inventive production methods, we have created 14 new glass products within the last 5 years. Technology has been huge. In the past 10 years, Nathan Allan has created 14 new, unique, exclusive glass products to the A&D industry. We’ve taken advantage of new mold materials, combined with creative artistic designs, to produce glass which is only available at Nathan Allan.