Nathan Allan San Diego Glass Stair Treads, Glass Flooring and Thick Glass are two of the most unique products in today’s Architectural Glass Industry. Produced specifically to be walked on San Diego Glass Stair Treads incorporate Nathan Allan’s exclusive “Glass Sandpaper” safety finish. Authentic glass particles are melted onto the walking surface to create a slip-resistant finish. Not only are these glass particles durable and effective, they are nearly invisible. Nathan Allan’s Glass Sandpaper has the highest slip-co ratings in our industry for both wet and dry conditions. The slip-resistant finish allows for our Glass Treads and Glass Flooring to be installed outdoors. A unique use of laminated lighting creates a vibrant glow within colored treads and low Iron glass helps to maintain the true color. In conclusion we have created Glass Sandpaper on a walking surface. Contact Us Today in order to discuss your glass needs further. Let’s get social on FaceBook.

Add San Diego Glass Stair Treads

Nathan Allan’s Architectural Glass textures can be added to our 3-layered, tempered safety glass and engineered Glass Treads to provide a unique decorative glass feature. The decorative glass feature creates a privacy effect. Other decorative glass features include color finishes, etched privacy finishes or simply a classic see-through glass tread. The best quality Glass Treads and Glass Flooring in our industry is only available at Nathan Allan. Designed for maximum safety and durability these structurally engineered stairs have the highest ASTM ratings in the industry. Opacity inter-layers create privacy while allowing ample light transmission that create a whitish glow through in the glass. Product is engineered for the specific projects. Some of our stairs have 2 layers of tempered glass with Glass Sandpaper on the walking surface and our unique bright color finish is added to the underside of the glass treads.

There is never a fear of slipping on these glass stair treads and glass flooring panels, because the safety surface provides a unique grip for shoes that exceeds ADA requirements for slip-coefficiency.

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Glass Manufacturing

We make all our glass products on site using only the most skilled of employees in the glass making industry. All our textured and architectural glass products are made by Nathan Allan Glass Studios.

When a designer or architect has a vision for a project, our unparalleled team is here to help realize it. Through a synergy of artistic vision and cutting-edge technology, decades of experience and unbridled imagination, we push the boundaries of possible and impossible… READ MORE

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