Glass Types

When producing our deep textured glass for designer clients, it is important to create straight, flat edges on the perimeters of each glass panel. The flat edges, or as we call them “Flat Margins”, can be produced in various dimensions.

When a glass edge is inserted into channel or moldings, the Flat Margins will typically be from 1/4″ to 3/4″ wide (6mm to 19mm). Flat Margins of these dimensions are most commonly created on the top and bottom edges of our glass panels. They may also be produced on a vertical edge where a panel is installed against a wall.

For panel to panel applications (also called butt joint), we reduce the Flat Margins down to approximately 1/8” wide (4mm). This allows the glass design to flow from panel to panel, seamlessly, without an obvious visual interruption. For extremely deep and wavy patterns, a vertical Flat Margin may have to increase to 1/4″ wide (6mm).

Projects show below are with Flat Margins on all edges

Flat Margins Deep Textures