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InMocean Echo Architectural Glass Partition

InMocean Echo Architectural Glass Partition. Fashion excitement is all about what has never been done before. Therefore that is what motivates InMocean Swimwear, 24/7, to seek out the most exciting fabric designers. At the same time, they are searching for cutting-edge production technology. In addition, they select the sure fire looks that will speed their way from European runways. Therefore, we at Nathan Allan were tasked with a project to match our client’s European style. Thus our Echo Architectural Glass Partition was created, as their designer lobby feature.

willow gemstone decorative glass

InMocean Echo Architectural Glass Partition


Parallel Designs, Wavy Fluted Streams, or however one chooses to describe it. In other words, Our Echo Architectural Glass Partition is sending vibes throughout the Decorative Glass community. Accordingly, as part of our exclusive Freeform Series glass, the tradition continues with 3” wide deep swirling flutes. The flutes are formed into each glass panel with customized molds. As such, we create a seamless, continuous flowing pattern, from panel to panel. The deep pattern in our Echo Architectural Glass Partition also creates a clear distortion in the glass. In addition, a great level of privacy is produced, while allowing ample amounts of light transmission.


Echo Architectural Glass Partition uses 1/2″ (12mm) thick, Low Iron, tempered glass. 5 Panels, each measuring 50” x 108”. Flat Margins created on panel edges, to enable an easy installation. Glass molds designed to provide a continuous flow in pattern.


Greg Gresham of The Switzer Group NYC played an intricate role in the selection our Echo Architectural Glass Partition. Beautiful, modern, and colorful describe the interior design of InMocean’s elaborate new space. Therefore it was imperative that our Echo Architectural Glass Partition match this elegant décor. Thus the selection of Echo Glass, our contemporary, avant-garde, decorative glass design. Likewise, a perfect fit for the talented design theme. The deep swirling flutes in our Echo Architectural Glass Partition create an intriguing, rippled glass surface. For this reason, the Flutes reverberate throughout the 20’0 wide feature glass wall.


All 1/2″ (12mm) thick, Echo Glass panels are inserted into deep U-Channel pockets, on the top and bottom edges of the glass. Clear silicone is inserted into the channel, and between panels, to hold the glass in place. The silicone also helps prevent any vibration. All panels are cushioned underneath. Feature installation by Seoul Glass, NYC


Collection Freeform
Texture Echo
Glass Low Iron
Thickness .5” (12mm)
Dimensions 20’0 x 9’0 (6096mm x 2743 mm)
Safety Tempered
Designer Greg Gresham – The Switzer Group, NYC
Installer Seoul Glass, NYC
Photos Colin Miller Photography, NYC
willow gemstone decorative glass

InMocean Echo Architectural Glass Partition

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