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Louis Vuitton Beijing China Architectural Glass Partitions

Louis Vuitton Beijing China Architectural Glass Partitions. In the heart of the upscale Shin Kong Place in Beijing China, is Louis Vuitton’s flagship store. Even with hundreds of international brands represented in kind, Louis Vuitton’s latest enterprise stands out above them all. Therefore, as a high end designer brand, patrons are excited to visit and shop at this newly renovated establishment. At the same time, the new décor and design is ultra chic, drawing in patrons who happen to be fortunate enough to walk by. Certainly a “must visit” for clientele who love the LV brand of merchandise!

mirage textured glass partition for mother baby hospital - bent glass

Louis Vuitton Beijing China Architectural Glass Partitions


Using our Freeforming production techniques, Nathan Allan created a unique design for our Louis Vuitton Architectural Glass Partitions. Specifically, a custom pattern was designed to reflect the corporate image and Logo which Louis Vuitton is famous for. At the same time, molds were developed to allow for a deep, 3-Dimensional glass pattern. As such, the LV logo is formed with a beautiful, protruding convex surface that is instantly recognizable. In addition, the pattern flows seamlessly from panel to panel; from side to side or up and down. However, the biggest difference in our design is that real, architectural cast glass is used. Accordingly, millions of crystals are fused onto the back surface of each glass panel, within each logo. With an effective edge lighting system, the crystals illuminate brightly. As a result, a bright glow radiates throughout our Louis Vuitton Architectural Glass Partitions.


32 panels in total are used to complete this Louis Vuitton Architectural Glass Partitions. Each glass panel is 1/2″ (12mm) thick, Low Iron, tempered safety glass. Accordingly all glass panels have machine polished edges. Panel sizes range from 2’0 x 6’0 (600mm x 1800mm) up to 6’6 x 11’6 (2000mm x 3500mm). In addition, the pattern in all panels is designed to line up with the next panel. From all angles, the pattern blends seamlessly in our Louis Vuitton Architectural Glass Partitions.


Nathan Allan worked closed with Permasteelisa Hong Kong, to insure all panels were installed correctly. The gaps between panels were kept to a minimum 1/8” (4mm), to create a seamless appearance. In addition, glass edges are mitered and the corners, and polished on the flats, to allow for clean insertion of silicone. Accordingly, glazing cushions are used underneath the panels, within the storefront framework.


Collection Josiah J
Texture Convex, Crystal Series
Glass Low Iron
Thickness 3/8″ (10mm)
Dimensions 6’6 x 11’6 (1980mm x 3505mm)
Safety Tempered
Designer Louis Vuitton
Installer Permasteelisa, HK
Photography Weiqi Jin
mirage textured glass by nathan allan glass studios

Louis Vuitton Beijing China Architectural Glass Partitions