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Mikimoto Architectural Water Glass Dividers

Mikimoto Architectural Water Glass Dividers. It’s not uncommon to see Nathan Allan’s unique architectural glass installed in high end, luxury retail stores, with other designer products. The various, exclusive design products blend together seamlessly, and each plays off the next. Such is the case in Mikimoto’s New York flagship store. This exclusive jewelry store interior is the talented work of Gensler, NJ. All one has to do is walk into the store, and luxury abound everywhere. Our Water Glass Dividers elegantly combine with our Water Glass furniture tops and other rippled design materials. This store is a brilliant work of art, and consider it as part of your tour when visiting New York.

mirage textured glass partition for mother baby hospital - bent glass

Mikimoto Architectural Water Glass Dividers


Nathan Allan’s new and exclusive Water Glass Design was specifically selected for this elegant, high end jewelry store. In fact, this glass design was developed to blend in with the luxurious theme which Gensler NJ created. Water Glass has a clear, texture less surface, which simulates the old style, antique rippled glass which is no longer produced. The rippled glass surface creates a very unique, distorted level of privacy, yet allows for more than ample light transmission through the glass. The shiny, silvery distortion allows for mystifying shadows and shades of elegance. One of the most beautiful glass designs Nathan Allan has ever created.


A unique added feature to our Water Glass at Mikimoto, is that the glass was produced in curved shapes. Two thick layers (3/8”) of glass are formed with our Water Design. The panels are then bent into their radius shapes, and then laminated together. The panels measure 5’0 wide x 7’6 high.


Gensler NJ is responsible for the beautiful design and elegance of this luxury Mikimoto store. Working with Jonathan Tyler at Gensler, Barry Allan (director of Nathan Allan) and Jonathan worked for months on developing the perfect glass design. Our finished product, Water Glass, is a spectacular and unique glass design, which we are very proud of. This is one of the most difficult designs we have ever created, and required an increased amount of R&D. The finished product is beautiful and the rippled effect in the glass is stunning. Creative Glass is always produced when working with talented interior designers…


Commercial grade storefront “shoe” rails are installed underneath the bottom edges of the glass panels. These deep rails allow the glass to “free” stand solid and upright, without any other hardware. Matching frames are formed around the edges of the glass, to protect the glass.

Mikimoto Architectural Water Glass Dividers


Collection Classic
Series West Coast
Texture Water
Glass Low Iron
Thickness 3/8″ over 3/8” (10mm/10mm)
Dimensions 5’0 x 7’6 (1524mm x 2286mm)
Safety Laminated
Designer Gensler, NJ
Installer All Action Glass
Photography Gensler

Mikimoto Architectural Water Glass Dividers