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Forms Surfaces. CastGlass Profile glass is created using crisp linear textures and comes in a variety of styles and sizes. Profile Monolithic glass is transparent. Profile Levels glass is laminated with graphics, colors and inlays that accentuate the lines with color and light.

Glass Forms

Castglass Profile Levels

CastGlass Profile Levels glass is defined by crisp linear textures laminated with color and graphic interlayers, with designs available in both vertical and horizontal orientations.

  • Glass is transparent with a textured surface and interlayers provide color + graphics
  • Designs are defined by 3 basic parameters: glass texture, interlayer and configuration
  • Four designs (texture + interlayer) textures are standard
  • Reflect configuration is used for non-illuminated panels
  • LightPlane configuration is used in edge-lit LED LightPlane Panel applications
  • Manufactured to specification. Ready to install
  • Designed for use in our Wall Cladding, Column Systems, Elevator Interiors and LightPlane Panels
forms surfaces glass

Glass Surfaces

Castglass Profile Monolithic

CastGlass Profile Monolithic glass is defined by crisp linear textures in a variety of styles, with select textures available in both vertical and horizontal orientations.

  • Glass is transparent
  • Selections are defined by three basic parameters: glass texture, type and surface treatment
  • Multiple standard textures are available, all in a variety of standard glass thicknesses
  • Glass types include Clear, Low Iron and Greytone
  • Surface treatment options to vary opacity levels include sandblasting or back-coating
  • Manufactured to specification and cut to size. Ready to install
  • Suitable for interior, exterior and water feature applications of original glass design. Learn more about our waterfall glass.
Forms Surfaces
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What is Castglass

VividGlass, CastGlass, ClassicGlass

Levels, Monolithic, Intervals

Profile Glass

Profile Glass – CastGlass Profile Monolithic glass –  Fluted Micro, Fluted, Channel, Cathedral Micro, Cathedral, and Cathedral Grande glass.

“Ribbed Glass” , “Reed Glass”, and “Narrow Reed Glass”