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Linear Architectural Glass Waterfall Partitions

Linear Architectural Glass Waterfall Partitions. Waterfall Glass Applications are becoming more popular each year. So it was not surprising that a water company, American Water, would have a gigantic Waterfall Feature designed in the main lobby of their new headquarters. From the exact moment that visitors enter this Grand Lobby, they are greeted with two amazing and overwhelming water partitions. The soothing sounds of active water flowing down decorative glass panels is incredibly appealing , creating a gentle mood within. Patrons are mesmerized by the overall size, sounds, and effect which the partitions create.


Torques decorative glass partition for Cache Creek Casino by Nathan Allan Glass Studios

Linear Architectural Glass Waterfall Partitions


Creating the perfect glass for Water Fall applications can be very difficult. The water has to flow evenly down the face of the glass, with limited or no splashing. The texture on every panel needs to be consistent. The color needs to be accurate. Achieving all these details makes the difference between an effective water wall, or a water partition which performs poorly.

Working with the creative designers at Robert A.M Stern Architects (RAMSA), NY, Nathan Allan’s director, Barry Allan, created a cast glass which achieved all the necessary requirements of an effective and functional Water Fall. Our Linear texture was ideal, in that the water “hugs” the textured glass surface and did not release off the glass surface. Any splashing off the glass surface is minimal, and safely collects in the reservoir basin at the bottom floor level. In designing the glass to use both clear and low iron glass combined, the color tone which is created met the designers requirements perfectly. A beautiful Aqua Green color was created, enhancing the overall Water them in these spectacular headquarters. Also, the dual privacy finishes provided the perfect level of opacity, eliminating any shading which may have been created by the walls hidden structure.

The combination of Aqua Green Linear textured glass with the daunting size and gentle sounds of the flowing water, makes these dueling Water Partitions an incredible site to see firsthand…


108 panels of laminated cast glass were produced for this project. Each panel measure 88 wide x 37 high. Our Linear Architectural Cast glass is formed into the front panel, with a horizontal pattern direction. The Linear textured panel is 1/4 clear tempered glass. A back panel of 1/4 Low Iron tempered glass was produced, and the 2 panels are laminated together with a waterproof interlayer. Dual Frit and Frosted opacity finishes are added to create the perfect amount of opacity required to block the view of the structure which holds the glass panels.


Bluworld USA assumed the Project Manager’s role for the two Water Falls. An elaborate structure was designed to hold all 108 Linear cast glass panels in place. A frameless, non mechanical design is used to keep each panel upright, level, and safely in place. The gaps between panels are minimal, design to create an even, uninterrupted water flow, down the Linear cast textured surface. The design and installation by Bluworld is impressive, as shown by the finished results! Check Us Out On Twitter.


Collection Classic Textures
Texture Linear
Glass Clear and Low Iron
Finish Frosted, Etched
Thickness 1/2″ (12mm)
Dimensions 88″ x 37″ (108 Panels)
Safety Tempered, Laminated
Installer Bluworld USA
Photography BluWorld USA
Torques decorative glass partition for Cache Creek Casino by Nathan Allan Glass Studios

Linear Architectural Glass Waterfall Partitions

Linear Architectural Glass Waterfall