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Channel Bronze Silvered Glass Cladding

Nathan Allan’s Glass Cladding is in high demand right now. This new and exciting A&D finished product has provided interior designers with a brand new option for all cladding applications. With the Linear Architectural design, with multiple color options, and with the brilliant Silvered Reflective backing, our Channel Bronze Silvered glass creates an eye popping interior finish for all cladding applications. Follow On Twitter.


Channel Bronze Silvered Glass

Channel Bronze Silvered Glass Cladding


To highlight the stunning interior of the Ballston Point project, Gensler of Washington DC selected Nathan Allan’s vibrant Channel Bronze Silvered Glass. Channel Glass is designed with 5/8” (15mm) wide vertical flutes, which are created with a 3D protruding convex surface shape. Each flute is clear and texture less Formed in a rich bronze color, the fluted glass displays a beautiful architectural visual in the space. Adding to this visual is the unique silvered backing which acts like a mirror, and boldly highlights the glass flutes and the bronze glass color. When wrapped around the operating elevator doors, our Channel Bronze Silvered glass transforms the lobby entrance into a spectacular and very elegant lobby.


A variety of panel sizes were used in the Ballston Point project. As the architect wanted to reduce the amount of seam lines between panels, large panels were produced up to 66” wide x 126” high (1676mm x 3200mm). However, as the flutes run in a vertical direction, the seam lines were effectively reduced and camouflaged and do not affect the overall visual. Each panel is produced in a tempered/laminated safety glass to meet building code requirements. The overall thickness of the panels in the Ballston project were 5/8” thick.


Our glass has a solid protective coating on the back surface of the glass. This allows each panel to be adhered to a back wall surface, if required. A special adhesive is required, which must be compatible with the protective coating, and this coating can be provided by Nathan Allan. In many projects, a finished molding or frame may be installed, particularly on the top horizontal edge of each glass panel. As side by side panels can be closely installed together, to make the pattern appear continuous, messy silicone beads are not required. A perfect installation by S Albert Glass of Beltsville, MD.


Collection Freeform Series
Texture Channel
Glass Bronze
Finish Silvered
Thickness 5/8” (15mm)
Dimensions 66’ x 126″ (1676mm x 3200mm)
Safety Tempered/Laminated
Interior Designer Gensler, Washington DC
Installer S Albert Glass
Photography S Albert Glass
Ballston Point Channel Bronze Silvered Glass

Channel Bronze Silvered Glass Cladding