Project Description

Denver News Agency Desk Bent Glass

Louvre Bent Glass

Denver News Agency Desk Bent Glass

Denver News Agency Desk Bent Glass. Louvre pattern with vertical orientation, produced in ½” thick Bent, Safety Tempered glass.

Denver News Agency Desk

Bent Architectural Textured Glass. Bending textured glass is difficult and bending deep textured glass is even more difficult. Adding complexity to this production process, is to temper the textured glass after the texture is formed.

Nathan Allan Glass Studios has an incredible history of successfully bending and tempering kiln formed textured glass. Our bent decorative glass adds elegance and energy to any interior designed space. With the added assurance that our bent decorative glass is safe, and meets building code requirements for tempered safety glass, designers are free to use our bent textured glass in all applications. Panels are available up to 5’0 x 10’0, and in various thicknesses… LEARN MORE


Collection Josiah J
Series Oblique
Texture Louvre
Glass Clear
Thickness 1/2″ (12 mm)
Dimensions 4’0 x 2’6 (1219 x 792 mm)
Safety Bent Tempered
Designer DLR Group
Installer Contractor
Photography Randy Brown

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