Project Description

Sphere Glass partitions and doors by Nathan Allan Glass Studios

Hermann Memorial Hospital Sphere Glass Partitions

Hermann Memorial Hospital Sphere Glass Partitions. A playful underwater theme is carried through the Pediatric Surgery waiting area of Hermann Memorial Hospital. Light hearted with bubbly fun, our glass spheres offer a cheery space for the young patients as they await their appointment. Sandblasting is gently gradated from below, offering some privacy via the partition wall without hindering light or diminishing space.

Handmade Glass Spheres with various shapes, are attached to clear or low iron panels of glass. The invisible attachment of each Sphere creates a gravity defying effect. Spheres are produced in various size diameters, shapes, and color tints. Choose from clear, low iron, blue, aqua blue, black or bronze tinted Spheres.

How does this product serve the healthcare design industry and respond to a specific need?

Within any newly constructed building, there will always be the essential, mandatory building products, such as glass walls and glass entry doors. In a Healthcare facility, these essential products can take on an added purpose. It is commonly known that color plays an important part in uplifting the human spirit, and that uplifting experiences contribute to improved health care. Can there be anything more important than lifting the human spirit of a person who is struggling physically?

The question above asks “How”. Our answer is in the visual proof of our most colorful Sphere Glass wall panels and entry door. The vivid and various color tints warm the spirit, and the delightfully interesting, 3-Dimensional Glass Spheres, create a playful visual effect, bringing smiles to those who have the opportunity to view.

A great feature of Sphere Glass: Sustainability.

Glass, comprised mainly from silica, is considered a never ending resource. Our flat glass panels contain up to 30% recycled cullet, and our Spheres can be produced with our Enviro95 recycled glass. This is a product which does not have to be replaced, whenever a building goes through its next renovation, so panels can be used repeatedly, for years to come.

Sphere glass partitions and doors by Nathan Allan Glass Studios

Hermann Memorial Hospital Sphere Glass Partitions

How does this product contribute to quality of care?

Have ever been to a doctor’s appointment, and you’ve been waiting 30 minutes, 60 minutes, maybe even longer? To make matters worse, you’re sitting into a crowded environment, the chairs are hard and small, the wall paint is 1960’s beige and peeling. Before you even get into your appointment, you’ve practically talked yourself into being more sick than you are.

But what if you were sitting in a new spacious, waiting area, with clear panels to give you the feeling that the space was large? And there was extra light travelling through the clear glass panels so that you felt closer to natural sunshine? What if there were colorful orbs of unique tinted glass spheres, of various sizes, effortlessly floating on the glass panels, defying the very nature of gravity?

Would this alone not help you feel better? Wouldn’t that be a good thing?

Then you find out that this incredibly interesting and colorful glass wall and door is non absorbing material, in fact, it is anti-microbial? One would certainly agree that this Sphere Glass wall/door system contributes to the quality of care in a newly constructed building.

What is innovative and unique about this product?

Typically, partition walls of glass are clear glass (very simple), or they are frosted glass (block light and a nightmare to clean), or they are an old mass produced, opaque glass, which darkens a room and collects dirt, grease and grime.

Sphere Glass, however, is very different. It is a first in our industry today. It is also unlike any other glass product on the market. Using clear, flat, background panels, Sphere Glass provides a glass product which is easy to clean. Various sizes and shapes of Spheres are attached to the clear panels, in structured or random patterns, creating a most unique and interesting glass design. Varieties of colors are available, and mixed colors can also be used. The Spheres appear to be floating, without any adhesive to the glass. Many often ask how this is possible? All we can offer you is that Nathan Allan has developed a unique and exclusive production method, which allows for this seamless, clean appearance. The fact that no other company produces this product, indicates the exclusiveness which Sphere Glass provides.


Collection Josiah J
Series Sphere
Texture Sphere
Glass Aqua Blue, Blue
Thickness 1/2″ (12 mm)
Dimensions Custom size
Safety Tempered, Laminated
Designer Curry Boudreaux Architects, Houston, TX
Installer Southwest Glass, Houston, TX
Photography G. Lyon
Sphere glass partitions and doors by Nathan Allan Glass Studios

Hermann Memorial Hospital Sphere Glass Partitions