Project Description

Hollingsworth Glass Stair Treads

Hollingsworth Glass Stair Treads. When the idea of a floating Glass Stair Tread was first floated (no pun intended) by Russell Hollingsworth Architecture, West Vancouver, all were excited. At the same time, Nathan Allan factory technicians realized the difficult process which was about to begin. Visualizing this incredible staircase was one process, but producing the final Glass Stair Treads was entirely different. As a result, architect, engineers, and cast glass producers, all combined their expertise and visions. The floating Glass Stair Treads were an alluring concept, but could they be produced. Was it possible that this incredible vision could actually be brought to life? Furthermore, could the Glass Stair Treads be safely engineered? The photos of this exciting, exclusive project, confirm an architect’s spectacular vision. Accordingly, they also show a commitment by Nathan Allan technicians, to produce the impossible.


Glass Stair Treads

Hollingsworth Glass Stair Treads


Nathan Allan’s Glass Stair Treads feature an exclusive anti-slip safety finish called Glass Sandpaper. As such, Glass Sandpaper is designed specifically to be walked on. Glass Sandpaper is a durable safety finish, long lasting, and very effective at providing slip-resistance. Therefore the Glass Sandpaper finish on our glass treads is designed to be used in both wet and dry conditions. Additionally, with a high ASTM safety rating, our architectural glass stairs can used both indoors and outdoors.


This unique Glass Staircase incorporates Glass Stair Treads which are comprised of 6 layers of glass. Each layer of glass is 1/2″ (12mm) thick, Low iron tempered safety glass. As well, the 6 individual layers of glass are laminated with extra strength SGP interlayers. All glass edges are polished. Excess laminate from the interlayers is trimmed using an exclusive polishing method created by Nathan Allan technicians. As a result, the glass edges shimmer and are almost reflective.

Hollingsworth Glass Stair Treads


With input and expertise from talented engineers, Hollingsworth Architecture, West Vancouver created this dazzling Glass Stair Tread design. In addition to using 6 layers of glass, our Glass Sandpaper was fused on the top and bottom glass layers. Glass Sandpaper on the top layer was provided mostly for safety reasons. However, the interior lights created a sparkle effect on the Glass Sandpaper. As a result of this sparkle, Nathan Allan fused more Glass Sandpaper on the bottom layer of glass. This duplication of the sparkle effect is realized far more prominently when viewing the glass first hand. Recessed lighting within the center column creates a unique dispersal of light through the Glass Stair Treads. At night, the individual Glass Sandpaper particles sparkle like stars!

The floating Glass Stair Treads in this exciting project, cantilever 5’0 away from the center column. Hence the description, “Glass Diving Boards”, which some have called the treads. Also, as there is no other support for the Glass Stair Treads, some visitors are apprehensive when first walking on the treads. But as our creative designer MaryAnn M demonstrates, our Glass Stair Treads are incredibly strong and safe to walk on. Even when walking in high heels.


A very difficult installation process was handled with professional expertise by Horizon Glass, Vancouver. Injecting 6-layerd Glass Stair Treads into a concrete column was no easy task. For this reason, the risk of breakage was extremely high. Using special sealers and expanding liquids, the Glass Stair Treads were safely and securely inserted into the column. Professional installation is key to the success of this project. As a result,  the treads have almost no movement or deflection, when someone is walking on them. That is almost inconceivable, but what an accomplishment!


Collection Josiah J
Series Glass Sandpaper Treads
Texture/Walking Surface Glass Sandpaper
Glass Low Iron
Thickness 3.3” (84mm)
Dimensions 62” x 14” Treads, 62” x 62” Landings
Safety Tempered/Laminated (SGP Interlayers)
Designer Hollingsworth Architecture, West Vancouver
Installer Horizon Glass
Photography Suzanne Rushton Photography
Architectural Glass Stair Treads

Hollingsworth Glass Stair Treads