Project Description

Suspended Glass Bridge

Suspended Glass Bridge


This suspended glass bridge is a focal point of effortless buoyancy. The floating bridge spans across this elegant space, without shading those below from the natural skylight above.

Working closely with HLW International, these structurally engineered, elevated flooring panels were designed for maximum safety and durability in this high traffic work space. Glass Sandpaper, a trademark Nathan Allan non-slip surface treatment, is used extensively on the walking surface of the glass. Glass Sandpaper is tested by independent labs, and has provided the highest ASTM ratings in our industry, allowing for usage both indoor and outdoors.


Collection Josiah J
Series Stair Treads / Flooring
Texture Sandpaper
Glass Clear / Frosted
Thickness 1.5” (38mm)
Dimensions 48” x 64” (121 x 162 mm)
Safety Tempered, Laminated
Designer HLW International LLP
Installer General Glass + Metal
Photography Eric Laignel