Project Description

Marriott Thick Glass Countertop

Marriott Thick Glass Countertop. First impressions are everything. And the first impression one receives when entering Hangar 18 Bar & Kitchen, at the LAX Marriott, is the overwhelming size of the glass countertop. The Marriott Thick Glass Countertop is the focal point of this beautiful kitchen bar, and provides an incredible amount of seating space. Airport patrons are not the only bar visitors, as the high end décor and great food attracts many locals who live nearby.

Marriott Thick Glass Countertop


Kiln formed textured glass is being used more often in many commercial bar applications. As such, traditional materials like wood or granite are being replaced more often with our Thick Textured Glass. Textured glass provides a smooth, functional, easy to clean top surface. At the same time, a unique, decorative texture is formed into the bottom surface. The LAX Marriott Thick Glass Countertop incorporates our soft, subtle Sandstone texture with White Pearl Color finish. Along with the hand polished edges, this exquisite glass lights up the room and creates a brilliant white glow throughout the glass. Our Marriott Thick Glass Countertop is current, trendy, extremely popular, and a focal point of the entire space.


Crystal Clear fusing glass was used to form the 1.5” (38mm) Thick Glass Countertops. Most panels, or slabs, are 10’0 long or longer x 24” deep. Our Sandstone texture is formed on the bottom glass surface, and coating with a Pure White color finish. All edges are hand polished.


Nathan Allan director, Barry Allan, collaborated with Cheryl Richardson of Marriott International, to design this sleek, prominent, glasstop. The top surface is perfectly flat and functional. At the same time, the bottom surface uses our light, Sandstone texture. A Pure White glass color finish was added to the bottom surface, to create a white appearance throughout the glass. For this reason, when lighted, this Marriott Thick Glass Countertop glows with a brilliant white illumination. Adding to the intrigue of the thick glass countertop are the hand polished edges. Accordingly, the shiny, smooth edges, also glow from the LED edge lighting feature.


Our Thick Glass Countertop is fully supported underneath by a solid wood cabinet. In key positions, a special adhesive is used which holds each glasstop section solidly in place. Glazing cushions are used underneath the glasstop. Also, ultra-clear silicone is inserted within each seam between panels. The silicone prevents any spills from leaking under the glass and helps to hold the glass in place.


Collection Josiah J
Series Thick Glass
Texture Sandstone
Glass Crystal Clear
Finish Pearl White
Thickness 1/5″ (38mm)
Dimensions 110’ x 2’0 Overall, 10’0 x 2’0 per panel
Safety Annealed
Designer Marriott International
Installer Taber Co
Photography Marriott
Marriott Thick Glass Countertop