Project Description

TD Ameritrade Thick Glass Countertop

TD Ameritrade Thick Glass Countertop. The TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha is a state of the art baseball stadium. At the same time, it is home to the College World Series.  In addition, it is also home field for the Creighton University Blue Jays baseball team. The park has a seating capacity of 24,000 spectators. As one of the largest minor league baseball stadiums in America, there is always electricity floating through the air.

Enjoying a cool beverage, chomping on a ballpark frank, and watching a baseball game. These are activities that go hand in hand for the avid sports fan. For these reasons, the owners wanted to enhance these standard baseball activities. Thus, Nathan Allan created a Thick Glass Countertop, which is featured in the main box seat area of TD Ameritrade Park.  Our Thick Glass Countertop fits perfectly with the charged enthusiasm of the fans who enjoy the elaborate decor. Consequently, no surprise that our Thick Glass Countertop is the main design feature. Furthermore, it is the #1 design talking point in this grand stadium eatery.

TD Ameritrade Thick Glass Countertop


To attract spectators to this lounge, Nathan Allan produced a 1.5” Thick Glass Countertop which surrounds the inner bar. Furthermore, the bottom surface and edges of each glass panel are formed with our exclusive Rocky Mountain texture. As a result, the textured glass edges create a beautiful and unique visual appeal while also preventing fingerprinting. The top glass surface is polished and clear, allowing the viewer to gaze at the deep textures and floating air bubbles. Consequently, it’s no wonder that our Thick Glass Countertop is so popular. In addition, Cobalt Blue colored edge lighting strips were installed into the channel. The blue light gives the Thick Glass Countertop its distinguished glowing color.


Clear annealed glass, 1.5” (38mm), thick glass with Rocky Mountain bottom texture and textured edges. The Thick Glass Countertop features multiple panels, at 8’0 x 2’0 (2438mm x 1829mm).


In collaboration with HDR Architecture, Nathan Allan sought to create a decorative glass bar top that would create electricity. To illustrate, we wanted to emulate the buzz of a baseball stadium filled to capacity. Therefore, our goal was achieved through the use of our Rocky Mountain texture with strategic cobalt blue lighting. As such, the light waves that travel through the glass bring life to the bar area and energize its patrons. At the same time, customers feel welcome, and are drawn to the complexity of the glass top.


Our Thick Glass Countertop is supported every 18”, with architectural designed, stainless steel arms. Therefore, the individual glass bar top sections are cushioned underneath, to separate glass from steel. Also, ultra clear silicone is used on the inside edges of each glass top section. The silicone holds the glasstop firmly in place.


Collection Josiah J
Series Heavy
Texture Rocky Mountain
Glass Clear
Thickness 1/5″ (38mm)
Dimensions 8’0 x 2’0 (2438 x 1828.8 mm)
Safety Annealed
Designer HDR Architecture
Installer Contractor
Photography Alistair Tutton, HDR Architecture

TD Ameritrade Thick Glass Countertop