Project Description

Crackle Glass Walls

Mauboussin Jewellery, New York

Mauboussin Crackle Glass Walls. When French luxury jeweler Mauboussin approached Rockwell Group to design its new store, the prestigious design firm selected Nathan Allan Glass Studios Inc. to create a feature glass wall that would unify three floors of the store’s showcases. Working in conjunction with Rockwell’s designers, Nathan Allan developed a dazzling new product that calls to mind the chiseled surfaces of diamonds—Crackle Glass.

The 12’ x 30’ high decorative glass wall consists of glass in Fractured Forms of what resembles cracked ice that is melted onto a substrate panel. The panel is then laminated to a background mirror. Once completed, the mirror reflects intense light that passes through the wall, creating a sparkling effect that simulates the brilliance of diamonds.

crackle glass wall by Nathan Allan Glass Studios

Mauboussin Crackle Glass Walls

To produce the three layers of low-iron glass and mirrored panels that give Crackle Glass its one-of-a-kind look, Nathan Allan’s artisans employed fusing and laminating techniques to create the required overall thickness of one inch. The challenge of producing Crackle Glass lay not only in creating large panels, but also doing so in safety glass form, and was skillfully handled by Nathan Allan’s specialized glass experts. Mauboussin Crackle Glass Walls.


Collection Josiah J
Series Crackle
Texture Crackle
Glass Clear
Thickness 1″ (25 mm)
Dimensions 4’0 x 4’0 (1220 x 1220mm)
Safety Annealed, Laminated to Mirror
Designer Rockwell Group, NY
Installer AVAL
Photography Bärbel Miebach
crackle glass wall by Nathan Allan Glass Studios

Mauboussin Crackle Glass Walls