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Glass Table Furniture 2


Throughout this luxury Jewelry store, there is a beautiful theme of flowing rippled water and colorful crystal materials. Every design detail exudes high end, luxury jewelry, and Nathan Allan’s Water Rippled glass is featured extensively. Positioned in a central location of the fitting room,  our Water Glasstop is on bright display for clients who want to demonstrate Mikimoto’s exquisite jewelry. Our rippled Water Glass provides an elegant backdrop for all jewelry items to be displayed upon. Love seeing our glass in such impressive, luxury retailers.


Mikimoto Glasstop

Mikimoto Glasstop


Nathan Allan’s Water Glass Design is inspired by the old style, antique rippled glass, which is no longer in production. Unlike the old style glass, our Water Glass  is thick, durable, and functional as each panel is produced in a thick safety glass. The Water texture is deep and exudes a beautiful rippled surface. There is a key reflective quality in the glass design, which also provides a distorted/shaded effect as light travels through the glass. This striking Water Glass pattern is noticeable from every angle in the store, drawing attention to all items within it’s sphere. If you are looking for unique and brilliant, our Water Glass is a designer’s dream.


Our Water Glasstop in the Mikimoto Jewelry store is 78” long x 30” wide (1981mm x 762mm). The glass is formed into an oval shape, with all edges polished smooth. This durable and strong glasstop is 5/8” (15mm) thick, safety glass., and should never ever break. Even if the glass ever was to break, the glasstop would stay together and not pose a risk to clientele. Before being fitted into the oval frame, clear glass cushions are provided under the glass edges to separate the glass from any metal contact. Follow Us On Twitter


Collection Classic Textures
Series Westcoast
Texture Water
Glass Low Iron
Thickness 5/8″ (15mm)
Dimensions Up to 54” x 120” (1372mm x 3048mm)
Safety Tempered
Designer Gensler, NJ
Installer All Action Architectural Metal & Glass, Plainfield NJ
Photography Daniel Byrne
Mikimoto Glasstop

Mikimoto Glasstop