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Bespoke Products and Design: White Metallic Glass Flooring and Heavy Glass Bartop

Private Residence Virginia Glass Countertop. What surprises people most when entering and walking on the glowing white surface in this particular Private Residence (Williamsburg, VA) is when they find out they are walking on a sea of glass! Yes, GLASS! Not marble, not granite, but GLASS! Nathan Allan has created a very fresh, unique flooring surface, which is smooth to touch on the majority of the glass surface, yet has an almost invisible safety finish permanently embedded in the glass surface.

Nathan Allan’s Glass Flooring incorporates features which are visually stunning, while also providing a safety finish which provides comfort to everyone walking on the glass. Our Sandstone texture is forged into the bottom surface of the glass, while our exclusive Glass Sandpaper safety finish is fused onto the walking surface. To enhance all features, we added a bright, sparkling, White Metallic color finish throughout each flooring panel.

Private Residence, Virginia


Each Glass Flooring panel is produced in 1/2″ (12mm) thick, Low Iron, tempered safety glass. Tempered glass provides added strength, insuring that the Glass Flooring can accept a heavy load. Panels vary in size and dimension, with most panels measured at a block size of 5’0 x 6’0 (1500mm x 1800mm). Perimeter Edge panels were carved and shaped to fit tightly against the curved walls. Glass Sandpaper, ASTM tested in labs with the highest slip-coefficient safety ratings, is fused onto the walking surface, to provide a very comfortable and effective safety feature. Private Residence Virginia Glass Countertop.

Flooring Glass Details:

  • 1/2″ (12mm) thick, Low iron tempered safety glass
  • Flat Polished Edges
  • Glass Sandpaper on walking surface
  • Sandstone texture on bottom surface
  • White Metallic color finish on bottom surface
  • Panels sizes up to 5’0 x 6’0
  • Approximately 800 square feet of glass flooring
  • Perimeter panels shape cut to fit

Almost overshadowed by the spectacular flooring is a 1.5” thick, Heavy Glasstop, Crescent shaped, with Nathan Allan’s Rocky Mountain texture.


A White Sea of Glass flooring is the finished result of combining a light Sandstone texture on the bottom glass surface, with the added touch of a sparkling White Metallic color finish. Combined with our Glass Sandpaper safety finish, and the natural and artificial light sources, our Glass Flooring shimmers within the entire entrance space.


Using very important installation techniques, Nathan Allan worked hand in hand with great team of professionals: Vicki Bristow, designer, W. M. Jordan Company, GC, andPompei Inc, glass flooring installer. Templates were produced for all perimeter edge panels, and every shaped panel. All flooring panels are secured to the substrate with special adhesives, and joints are filled with matching color sealants.

“A beautiful project is always enhanced when working with quality, prestigious builders, and talented trade’s people. The tight organization and open communication by all the team members contributed greatly to a project proceeding seamlessly, with the incredible visual results to prove it.” 

Barry Allan – Director


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Collection Josiah J
Series Thick Glass
Texture Thick Glass
Glass Low Iron
Thickness 1/2″ (12 mm)
Dimensions 5’0 x 6’0 (1524 x 1828 mm)
Safety Tempered
Designer Vicki Bristow
Installer W.M. Jordan, Pompei Inc.
Photography Morgan Howarth

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