Project Description

Simon Restaurant & Lounge

Palms Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

Simon Restaurant Lounge Stax Glass. At the Simon Restaurant, panels of Stax glass are seamed together to form a continuous façade along the front of this lounge bar. The distinctive ambience of Stax, Beamz pattern is enhanced with Amber color finish and Mirrored Backing. The front face of the pattern ripples from 1” thick to 1.5” thick, to create a dazzling effect from layers of individually fused 3’ x 3’ panels over a 30’ run.


Collection Josiah J
Series Stax
Texture Beamz
Glass Amber with Mirror
Thickness 1-1.5″
Dimensions 3’x3′ panels
Safety Annelead
Designer Rockwell Group, NY
Installer Complete Millwork Services, NY
Photography Jeffrey Green

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