Project Description

Snoqualmie Casino Red Bar Top Glass

Gemstone Red Heavy Glasstop

Snoqualmie Casino Seattle, WA. Snoqualmie Casino Glass Bar Top

Snoqualmie Casino Glass Bar Top

Snoqualmie Casino. This 26’0 oval bartop is clad with our Wave pattern with 3/4” Low Iron glass and a Gemstone Red color finish on the bottom surface. The Wave pattern lines up perfectly from panel to panel, creating an even flow throughout the surface. Low Iron glass allows for a true representation of the Gemstone Red. Snoqualmie Casino Glass Bar Top.


Collection Classic
Series Directional
Texture Wave
Glass Gemstone Red
Thickness 3/4″ (19 mm)
Dimensions 26’0 oval (7924 mm)
Safety Annealed
Designer Leonard Bergman, Bergman Walls & Associates/Zia Hansen and Danielle Rios, STYLE +
Installer Contractor
Peter Malinowski
Snoqualmie Casino Glass Bar Top

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